Leonard Crystals
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Leonard Crystals
Crystal & Rock Shop in Greenwood Village, CO
Leonard Crystals |6801 S Emporia St 106Greenwood VillageCO80112 | (720) 704-9242

Crystal & Rock Shop in Greenwood Village, CO

At Leonard Crystals, stones and gems are our bread and butter. Here, we specialize in the Earth's most beautiful natural treasures. Our store carries premier, high-quality gems from all around the world—from Brazil and China to Africa and North America, we have it all. We even carry stones from our local Colorado area. And as experts in the stone and gem world, we do everything from mining our products to cleaning, cutting, processing, and setting them. We always try to source our stones and gems ethically and sustainably, so you can enjoy your new crystal or necklace guilt-free. Contact our crystal and rock shop in Greenwood Village, CO, today!

Our Crystal & Rock Shop Sells:

  • Crystals
  • Gems
  • Jewelry
  • Silver Chains
  • And More!

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